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Battery charger circuit

Automatic battery charger 14-15V input with 3A max current

automatic battery charger circuitAutomatic battery charger circuit is possible to realize a battery charger with excellent quality that allows it to recharge the 12 volt car battery and dry battery used in the
alarm system. Operation is completely automatic, because it connects battery, battery charger will only charge the battery if it runs out, because it automatically disconnect the batteries fully charged. This device is supported by transformer with secondary voltage is 14-15 volts with a minimum of 3 Ampere current.

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Solar panel battery charger

Solar panel battery chargerThe solar battery charger circuit is nothing but a dual comparator that connects the solar panel to the battery when the voltage at the latter terminal is low and disconnected if exceeding a certain threshold. Since it is only by measuring the battery voltage, it is especially intended for lead batteries, a electrolyte liquid or gelled, that adapt the best of this way.

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12 V Car battery charger based 7812

car battery charger based 7812Description of the 12V battery charger electronic scheme :
Below is a very simple circuit that can be used to charge 12v car battery. In this circuit there is installations to control the charging current and voltage. The circuit is based on the circuit MC78T12ABT IC from Freescale. IC is actually a 7812 with a TO-3 package with a capacity of 3A.

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High Performance Gelled lead acid charger

Gelled lead acid battery chargerThis high performance battery charger circuit allow quickly charges gelled lead-acid batteries, and automatically turns off at full charge. First, the charge current is held at 2 A, but as battery voltage rises, the current will decreases. When current falls to 150 mA, the charger automatically switches to a lower float voltage to keep from overcharging. When you hit full charge, transistor Q1 lights the LED to indicate that status.

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