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Regulated Power Supply

50V DC 3A Stabilized and Regulated Power Supply

DC Power supply 50V 3A circuit diagram
This is the DC power supply that will give you 50V / 3A output, regulated and stabilized.

Components List:

R1=10Kohm R8=1.8Kohm 0.5W Q3=BC303 or BC461
R2=1 ohm 5W R9=3.3Kohm 0.5W D1….4=Bridge 15A
R3=3.9 ohms 1W RV1=470 ohms pot. D5=LED RED 5mm
R4=6.8Kohm 1W C1-2-4=4700uF 100V D6-7=10V 1W Zener
R5=390 ohms 1W C3-5=100nF 250V MKT D8-9-10=1N4007
R6=100Kohm 0.5W Q1=2N3055 on heatsink T1=230Vac / 55V 3A
R7=1.2Kohm 1W Q2=BD162 or BD243 or BD543

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1V-27V 3A Variable DC Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Variable DC power supply 1-27V 3A circuit diagram

Above diagram is the scheme of variable DC power supply with output range of 1V to 17V. This power supply is used very few components, the power supply will be so easy to build. Serial power transistor which will be known and popular 2N3055, power supply has a voltage control and current. The source of alternating voltage is 24V transformer.

This circuit used Integrated Circuit / IC LM723, also known as UA723 which is a dedicated integrated circuit design and manufacture a wide range of stabilized power supplies. If you have little hold on the label of the integrated circuit 723, then you would find between different manufacturers may find some other designation, all of the total number of 723 in the middle of the whole label.
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12V / 20A Regulated DC Power Supply

12V 20A dc power supply
Here the circuit diagram of 12V / 20A Regulated DC Power Supply using 5 pieces of power transistor MJ2955, voltage regulator 78S12. It will give you regulated output voltage of 12V-15V 20A.

A 350VA transformer power, the primary winding 230 , secondary winding is 18V . The secondary voltage of 18V with the load of the transformer , the voltage at idle , it is customary in the case of such efforts is higher than 5 % to 10 % . A transformer is designed so that it is at 100% load may be strained 24ur/dan , 120 % can be loaded up to 30 minutes , 130 % to 10 minutes , the times they can be several times longer , if the transformer is at the beginning of the load greater than 100 % cold and after the load has a chance to cool again . In short, the transformer can be easily allows short periods of time as 26A , which is the maximum current rectifier . Maximum flow is determined by the emitter resistors as a drop on them opens the transistor BD708 , then patching the base – emitter junction of the MJ2955 that the rectifier is not leaking more current than allowed . Due to the short circuits do not harm the rectifier . The rectifier is designed so that it could withstand even through 30A , but here are the restrictions of bridge dioda 35A . But it is in such good things have enough power in reserve material that would not happen smoke signals .
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Power supply 4.5 A with 3 LM317 in parallel

4,5 Amperes power supplyThis lm317 variable power supply can supply a voltages from 1.2V to 30V with a current 3 amperes, just as the title of this series based on LM317T voltage regulator, the LM317T regulator provide around 1.5 amperes on the heatsink, so by installing a parallel two or three of them will get a voltage source capable of providing 3 amperes. Obviously this also depends on the transformer used.

Power Supply source +5 Vdc +12 Vdc

12VDC & 5VDC power supply sourceThis power supply circuit shows a steady source of continuous power supply combined with an output of +5 VDC and +12 VDC to ground, it is estimated for designing a current of about 900mA Max, enough to power any digital circuit with a relay output,that must be taken into account is the cascade design makes total consumption is the sum of the currents provided by the two outputs. Please note that the regulator should be equipped with a heat sink.

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