57V variable power supply up to 1.5 A

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57 V variable power supply circuitIn each workshop you must have a source that is able to provide each current and voltage in a quite acceptable range of possibilities. This variable power supply device goes beyond the conventional power supply source (which rarely exceed 24V output) gives the maximum 57V with 1.5A current.

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Variable 4 A/25V Power Supply

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All workshops or laboratories must have a power supply for general purpose that can supply voltages and currents.
Adjustable 4 A 25 V power supplyThis time we get a adjustable power supply with output voltages between 1.2 and 25V the maximum current of 4A.  This is very useful for laboratory power supply or workshop power supply.

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35V adjustable power supply 1.5 A

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One of the most needed instruments in electronics lab is adjustable power supply, allowing you to feed each circuit is tested or constructed for the required voltage and current. 35V power supply adjustable 1.5 A
The adjustable power supply circuit shown here is just a linear power supply, a bridge rectifier and filter capacitor that it attach series voltage regulator. Furthermore, here was provided by a pair of fixed instruments that allow us to know at any time the voltage given in the output and load current used.

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15 Ampere Adjustable Power Supply

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This adjustable power supply circuit provides an output voltage source which can be adjusted between 1.5 and 15 volts and give 15 amps current.15 A adjustable power supply
As is shown in the wiring diagram the 15 A adjustable power supply provides similar amount of current through the parallel work of four power transistors, which must be mounted on a good heatsink. The voltage adjustment is performed in integrated LM317, which also must be dissipated mechanically.

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Symmetrical regulated power supply and variable 0 to 30V 2A

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Symmetrical regulated power supply schematicThis Symmetrical regulated power supply and variable power supply 0 to 30V 2A circuit does not require further explanation, which is a controlled variable symmetric source, can deliver up to 15V per line (-15 and +15), or up to 30V as a whole, for the consumption of up to 2A, but with some changes could be modified to provide up to 5A ** (or more). Transistors Q1 and Q2 should be installed on a heat sink, as well as integrated LM337 and T LM317 which is in the TO-220 package.

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