Power Supply source +5 Vdc +12 Vdc

12VDC & 5VDC power supply sourceThis power supply circuit shows a steady source of continuous power supply combined with an output of +5 VDC and +12 VDC to ground, it is estimated for designing a current of about 900mA Max, enough to power any digital circuit with a relay output,that must be taken into account is the cascade design makes total consumption is the sum of the currents provided by the two outputs. Please note that the regulator should be equipped with a heat sink.

Dual power supply 5V & 12V parts list :
R1 : 1K
C1 : 330nF
C2 : 220uF
C3, C4 : 100uF
C5, C6 : 0.1uF
D1, D2 : 1N4007
U1 : 7812
U2 : 7805
Bridge diode

Features : Vin: 220 Vac, Vout: +5 v and +12 VDC, Imax: 900mA

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